Affinity and Partnership Marketing UK LinkedIn Group reaches 600 members

The Affinity and Partnership Marketing UK LinkedIn Group, managed and moderated by Howse Jackson Marketing, has officially welcomed its 600th member. The group, which has been running for 3 years, boasts some of the UK’s top partnership marketing professionals from organisations such as Barclaycard, the CBI, npower, BUPA, RSA, BBC Worldwide, E.ON., Bauer Media, Google and Expedia to name just a few.

The Group was the brainchild of our managing director, Nick Howse, who could see the potential of a LinkedIn Group that allowed partnership marketing professionals to network with each other as well as post opportunities and business ideas. The result is a thriving community of brand professionals who see the value of joining forces for mutual benefit.

Interestingly, Marketing magazine recently ran an article on how to distinguish a real brand partnership from a fake one. The premise of the article suggested that many partnerships, especially in sport and entertainment, are merely ‘value exchanges’ where financial investment is made in return for licensing and other rights. In our view, these aren’t partnerships in the real sense of the word.

Indeed, we completely agree with Marketing’s conclusion that a real partnership is one built on mutual benefit, not merely a financial exchange. This is really only possible when brands put resource, time and teamwork into a partnership. In fact the goodwill of the partner brand – which provides tacit endorsement of the promotional offer – is crucial.

Incidentally, our Affinity and Partnership Marketing UK LinkedIn Group also places great importance on marketing education and we frequently offer free whitepapers for download. The whitepaper page can be found here, the latest being our whitepaper on inserts.

If you’d like to join the Group, simply type the words Affinity & Partnership Marketing UK into the LinkedIn search bar and we’ll do our best to approve your membership in a few days.


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