Product despatch inserts make technological leap

Howse Jackson Marketing is a UK leader in product despatch inserts. We manage insert media sales and campaigns for New Look, eBuyer, HMV and BHS to name just a few major brands.

Product despatch marketing is powerful as it allows brand partners to reach customers they might not ordinarily reach. The customers also benefit as they receive compelling offers, often unique, that add value to their initial purchase. As a marketing channel, it typically generates a higher response too. All in all, product despatch inserts make for a superb marketing channel.

Our ears therefore pricked up when news reached us that Amazon had received a patent for predictive shipping and product despatch. It only happened recently, December 2013 to be precise.

Amazon says delays between ordering and receiving purchases “may dissuade customers from buying items from online merchants.” Therefore Amazon might box and ship products it expects customers to want – based on previous orders and other factors — but haven’t yet ordered. According to the patent, the packages could wait at the shippers’ hubs or on trucks until an order arrives. What it signifies is that Amazon’s algorithms are so advanced they can almost predict a customer’s behaviour in advance.

What piqued our curiosity is whether ‘predictive shipping’ really has a future and, if so, can insert product despatch media space be sold in advance, before a customer even knew he wanted the purchase?!! That would make for 22nd Century marketing. We’ll keep any eye on developments!

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