Brand partnerships offer a more strategic and long term approach to customer acquisition and revenue generation

affinity & partnership marketing

Affinity and partnership marketing is one of the most powerful marketing mediums available and involves two brands joining forces to create highly targeted and relevant marketing campaigns. We are able to guide brands through the whole process, from sourcing relevant brand partners through to campaign planning, implementation, results analysis and on-going management.

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Affinity marketing is the practice of promoting products and services to a third party base, calling on the strength of the relationship between the consumer and the third party brand. (more)


Brand partnerships occur when two organisations join forces for mutual benefit. Often it involves one brand leveraging another brand’s appeal to enhance its own marketing proposition.  (more)

Loyalty Cards


Loyalty card schemes are well established marketing tools, with the better known schemes such as Nectar and Air Miles (Avios) firmly embedding themselves within mainstream culture.  (more)


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