is the UK’s largest supplier of digital spoken word audio books. Owned by Amazon, they are able to give consumers access to over 60,000 titles from bestsellers, children’s books, education & travel, stand up comedy to autobiographies, speeches, language learning and more.

All of Audible’s audiobooks can be downloaded directly from their website and listened to across a number of devices, including Smartphones, MAC & PC, mp3 players, iTunes, Kindle and GPS devices.

What does an Audible customer look like?

  • Happy to purchase online
  • Even male/female split
  • Age 24-64
  • Monthly subscribers
  • Interests include walking, gardening, DIY, photography, current affairs, travel

What can Audible offer your customers, members or supporters?

  • A free audiobook trial of up to 30 days
  • Includes one free audiobook of any choice – even the Bible!
  • Membership is automatic after the trail period but the customer is contacted to confirm they wish to continue.
  • Membership can be ended at any time, there is no tie in.
  • Landing pages and marketing material will be co-branded to the Partner.

If you are interested in partnering with Audible call Mark Jackson on 01296 680463, or email


For any additional information please give Mark a call on 01296 680463