BHSF is a market-leading not-for-profit provider of employee benefits and health insurance to over 3,000 client companies and on an individual basis.

BHSF can trace its history back to a charity which started in 1873, The Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund, set up to help fund Birmingham hospitals.

Now, BHSF insures 400,000 people through 230,000 policies. Most of these help customers with their everyday health costs, such as optical, dental, therapies, health consultations and much more. Also, BHSF has brought its not-for-profit philosophy to the marketing of other health-related products and HR services including absence management, occupational health, employee assistance programmes and flexible benefit platforms.

What does a BHSF customer look like?

  • Typically of working age or retired with some disposable income
  • BC1C2
  • Homeowner
  • 30-70 years old

What can BHSF do for your customers, members or supporters?

  • As a not-for-profit business, the focus is on delivering benefit to their members rather than shareholders
  • Affordable health cover
  • A bounty payable for each policy taken out
  • Highly competitive products
  • A proven track record of forging successful partnerships for the long term

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