Gourmet Society

Enjoy up to 50% off at over 4,500 great restaurants throughout the UK and Ireland with membership to The Gourmet Society. Established in 2003, The Gourmet Society now has over 250,000 members who can enjoy one of these fantastic deals at participating restaurants:

  • 2 for 1 meals
  • 50% off food
  • 25% off food and drinks

There’s a huge selection to choose from, including national chains like Prezzo, Loch Fyne and The Living Room, to fine-dining establishments and family-friendly venues, plus plenty of your local favourites. Check out restaurants near you at www.gourmetsociety.co.uk.

What does a Gourmet Society member look like?

  • 30-65 years old
  • Homeowner
  • A,B,C1
  • Disposable income
  • Enjoys time with family and friends, holidays and of course, eating out

What can The Gourmet Society offer you and your members?

  • A discount on the first year’s membership fee
  • A membership card that can pay for itself time and time again
  • A commission to you for every member who joins

For more information contact Nick Howse on 01454 322344 or email nick@hjmarketing.co.uk

For any additional information please give Nick a call on 01454 322344