The Goodwill Partnership

The Goodwill Partnership is one of the leading Will writing services in England and Wales. The Partnership works closely with charities, local government and employee schemes.

A will may not seem like the most exciting product to offer your members/customers but when you think about the consequences of not writing a Will, it really is a service that is both ethical and responsible.

What does a Goodwill Partnership customer look like?

  •  Homeowner
  • ABC1
  • 30 years and up
  • Many have young children or grown up children

The main triggers are new home, new child, a change in a person’s marital status or reaching retirement. People who write their Will, like to have their affairs in order and like to know that they are in control.

What can the Goodwill Partnership offer you and your members?

  • A great service in the comfort of your home
  • All of their solicitors are practising in Estate Law and regulated by the Law Society
  • A very competitive price of £98 + VAT for a solicitor provided home visit single will

For more information contact Mark Jackson on 01296 680463 or email