B&Q has placed it’s Over 60’s Diamond Card database, with over
1.1m 2010 shoppers, on to the market exclusively through HJ Marketing.

B&Q is the UK’s leading DIY retail brand and will be increasing the file on an
ongoing basis.
• Aged 60+
• 60% are male
• 80% married or living with partner
• Financially astute
• 89% home owners
• E-savvy – 75% have access to internet
• Interests include gardening, travel, investments and DIY

Over 60 but certainly not over the hill, members of the Diamond Cluc are
enjoying their life to the full. Financially astute, these individuals like to have
their house and financial affairs in order. With many members heading
towards retirement and private pension, they have the luxury of both time
and money.

This file is a must for any non-competitive mail order promotion/offer or
product, financial services including credit cards, charity fundraising,
magazine subscriptions, travel and quality household/consumer products.

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