Brand partnerships offer a more strategic and long term approach to customer acquisition and revenue generation.

brand partnerships

Brand partnerships occur when two organisations join forces for mutual benefit. Often it involves one brand leveraging another brand’s appeal to enhance its own marketing proposition.

Essentially affinity marketing in its purest form, and what makes brand partnerships so powerful is that they rely on the goodwill of the partner brand.  This ‘subtle endorsement’ gives consumers greater confidence in the offer being promoted and response rates rise accordingly. Additionally, because the customer has an affinity to the relevant organisation, churn rates are often much lower.

Another key point about affinity partnerships is that one brand often has access to another’s brand’s customer via multiple marketing channels that would never normally come to market.  This could take the form of data for mailings, email, inserts and off the page advertorials. These channels are therefore ‘fresh’ and extremely responsive further uplifting return-on-investment (ROI).

Howse Jackson Marketing is one of the UK leaders in affinity marketing and brand partnerships.  We are proficient in guiding brands through the whole partnership process, from sourcing suitable brand partners, planning affinity campaigns, as well as implementing them and evaluating the end results.     We work with partners on an on-going basis, taking on much of the day to day management, thus ensuring internal resource requirements are reduced.

We have written an affinity marketing whitepaper giving a concise overview of this marketing discipline.  Find out how you can create your own successful affinity marketing programme by downloading our affinity marketing whitepaper here.

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