Loyalty card schemes benefit through applying affinity marketing guidelines and principles

loyalty card schemes

Loyalty card schemes are well established marketing tools, with the better known schemes such as Nectar and Air Miles (Avios) firmly embedding themselves within mainstream culture.

Loyalty schemes work best when brands truly unite under a common goal i.e. to reward customers with added value gifts, services and discounts.

Affinity marketing principles can enhance a loyalty scheme considerably because they allow a deeper level of partnership between the participating brands.  Data sharing, commission-only promotions, spin-off campaigns, revenue sharing can all be integrated into the loyalty schemes giving a more solid commercial underpinning to the participating brands.

Howse Jackson Marketing can plan, advise and implement loyalty card schemes based on sound affinity marketing principles.  This gives an added dimension to any loyalty scheme not least because they forge stronger consumer ties as well as generate increased revenue for the participating brands.

Affinity loyalty schemes can be based on any number of revenue options, including commission-only partnerships, revenue sharing arrangements and percentage agreements.

If you would like to find out more how affinity marketing can give greater leverage to your loyalty scheme, please give Nick Howse a call at our Bristol office on 01454 322344 or email nick@hjmarketing.co.uk