Banner Advertising

Since the advent of the internet, banner ads have been used prolifically to raise awareness and also encourage click-throughs to separate web pages.

The advantage of banner ads is their flexibility – they can be placed on a single page on a single website or across many hundreds of websites on dozens of pages.  The key task for marketers is to ensure that the targeting is accurate and that the creative execution is impactful.

Howse Jackson Marketing is a specialist at planning banner ad campaigns with an emphasis on precision targeting – as direct marketers by background we are only too aware of the importance of reaching the right people at the right time (and on the right website!).

We are also able to buy banner ad inventory at exceptionally competitive rates ensuring that our careful targeting has a strong financial underpinning. This allows us to put return-on-investment (ROI) at the forefront of our banner ad campaign planning.

Our banner ad services don’t stop there.  We place great store on evaluation and measurement, ensuring that all our banner ad campaigns are monitored for effectiveness and roll-out potential.


Whether it’s buttons, mastheads or skyscrapers, contact us now to find out how we can help you generate significant ROI using banner ads. Call Mark Jackson on 01525 376690 or email