A few commentators feel that email marketing has been overtaken by social media in effectiveness.  Not us.  We know at first-hand how email marketing can still produce excellent results when combined with good HTML creative and strong performing lists.

Indeed, at Howse Jackson Marketing we focus much of our energy on ensuring that all HTML creative is innovative and impactful as this plays a vital role in any successful email campaign.  If email volumes are significant we will often test a number of different creative executions to ensure that only the best performing creative is rolled-out.

As data specialists we also have unique insight into all the various email lists available and we place great importance on only using those that perform well.  This often involves testing small quantities against a ‘control group’ and measuring performance accordingly.

By getting the HTML creative and lists to work optimally, the chances of email campaigns delivering effective ROI are hugely improved.

We additionally try to ensure that there is ‘roll-out’ potential for our email campaigns and, whilst this is not always possible, if the opportunity does arise it allows marketers to generate even better ROI on their email campaigns.


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