radio advertising offers not just air time but also many digital options

Radio – Direct

Radio has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity that now sees over 47 million UK adults tune in each week (RAJAR figures). It is also one of the very few media that is used both within and out of the home. Indeed, in terms of reach percentage, 76% listen within the home, 59% in the car and 29% in the office or elsewhere.

Coupled with the fact that the average listener tunes in to the radio for 22 hours each week, the case for radio could hardly be clearer.

For direct marketers, radio offers some unique opportunities aside from standard airtime ads. These include AV promotions whereby listeners are directed to a station’s website to participate in competitions (this information can then be data captured). Other opportunities include email marketing to a station’s database of listeners; CPC display advertising on a radio station’s website; airtime competitions & data capture; and mobile in-app CPC display advertising.

All of the above opportunities can be measured, evaluated and rolled-out locally or nationally. Additionally, because most radio stations are commercial enterprises relying on brand marketing as their primary source of income, many are willing to work with direct marketers to create exclusive tailored packages.

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