Airports comprise a wealth of advertising opportunities including luggage carousels panels, branded aircraft stairs and walkways, digital screen networks and niche opportunities such as branded airport boarding passes.  With 28 international airports located across the UK, airport advertising is not just limited to London or major city airports.

Whilst nearly all demographic groups can be reached using airport media, it remains one of the best opportunities to reach affluent, international travellers and corporate executives.  Moreover, unlike nearly every other media, airport advertising has a captive audience that can be measured in hours rather than minutes as people wait in lounges and boarding areas for their flights.

For the above reasons, airport media is one of the most effective media in terms of ROI as brand advertising persuades travellers to visit duty free shops and purchase their favourite brands in situ.  The media is therefore tilted towards upmarket luxury goods, perfumes, wines & spirits (as well as exotic travel destinations and travel currency deals).


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