Buses & Bus Stops

What makes bus and bus stop advertising so effective is its breadth of coverage and high visibility.   For advertising campaigns that require either nationwide blanket coverage or strategic local placement, very few other media compare.

Indeed, research suggests that 30 million people have seen bus advertising in the last week alone. Coupled with the fact that over 90% of the UK population live within 5 minutes of a bus route, ensures that any bus advertising campaign is able to reach its intended audience.

Bus and bus stop advertising is made up of two components that can either be used standalone or in tandem with each other. The first component is advertising on the sides of buses themselves. These panels can either be static or digital in nature, with digital panels carrying a space premium (and are typically available only in major urban centres).

The second component is bus stops and bus shelters.  These again can either be static posters or digital screens.  Bus stops and shelters are perfect for bolstering a bus side campaign or for use as a standalone medium.

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