Many councils up and down the country are offering their media to advertisers. The opportunities for brands are vast and expanding all the time.

Councils Media

Council media consists of a rapidly expanding portfolio of marketing channels owned by local authorities and county councils. In a bid to raise additional revenue, many councils are leasing out valuable real estate and commercial assets to companies looking to build awareness in a local setting.

Typical council media include roundabout signage, poster sites, buses, street lamps, litter bins, public washrooms and car park signage to name just a few.  Economically priced, most council owned media can be leased short or long term dependent upon the requirements.

These channels are now available through Howse Jackson Marketing.  We can advise on the optimum strategy to target local consumers as well as strategies for nationwide coverage using council media.

To view the current list of Councils and their media channels, please click here.