Digital Billboards

Traditional 48 and 96 sheet poster formats have evolved beyond the ‘paper pasted on wood’ formats that existed for much of the twentieth century.  Technology has advanced in a way that many poster sites are now ‘digital only’ with dynamic moving images on digital screens.

These digital poster sites/billboards are far more flexible in both their size ranges and also the locations where they can be situated, be it from vast 96 sheet displays on motorway roadsides to small till screen displays in convenience stores.

Digital billboards also allow for much greater creative expression. Roadside billboards tend to be less dynamic for road safety purposes, whilst locations such as underground tube networks, cinemas, health clubs and football grounds tend to be far more dynamic in their presentation.

Because of this flexibility, digital billboards are a medium that need to be carefully planned in terms of the audience they are targeting and the creative execution relative to the size of the screens.

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