Rail Concourse & Platforms

There are more than 1.2 billion rail journeys each year and this is set to increase further over the next decade. This gives rail concourse and platform advertising a broad reach and strong impact across the UK, enhanced by the fact that the average passenger spends 7 minutes waiting on a platform for a train.

Rail concourses and platforms also deliver a surprisingly affluent audience with 70% of all rail users in professional or managerial occupations.  Moreover, these are typically busy people and light TV watchers, making rail advertising a particularly important medium for reaching this demographic group.

The advertising opportunities on rail concourses and platforms are flexible and varied.  These include standard rail poster panels as well as large digital screens (on mainline stations). They also include niche opportunities such as automated ticket gates and washroom advertising panels. Experiential media is also available – such as concourse promotional stands – which are perfect for handing out leaflets and trialling product samples.

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