Roadside advertising encompasses many different types of format.  On the more traditional front, 48 and 96 sheet posters are a common sight in towns and cities across the UK.  Often referred to as billboards, they are typically used as part of a large scale nationwide campaign or on a very localised basis to promote a particular service or retail outlet.

However, technological advances have meant that roadside poster advertising has evolved beyond traditional ‘paper pasted on wood’.  Digital screen posters (high definition), scrolling 48 sheets and backlit posters now allow companies to choose the perfect impact for their brand.

Roadside advertising can be particularly effective alongside main roads, especially those entering large urban centres.  Such is the impact of landmark poster sites like these, many brands create bespoke 3D billboards costing £tens of thousands in construction costs alone.

Roadside advertising also includes niche opportunities such as static advertising vans and lorry trailers placed at strategic locations along Britain’s motorway network.  When placed along busy motorways, these sites alone can deliver hundreds of thousands of views per day.

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