Taxis, namely the licensed taxis that operate in nearly all of the UK’s major urban centres, offer a unique but effective advertising channel.

According to recent TGI (Target Group Index) figures, nearly 10.5 million UK adults saw a taxi advertisement within the last week.  This audience typically consists of younger, city centre professionals and office workers with an above average salary, as well as families visiting urban shopping centres.

Taxis, especially the classic London-style taxis, offer various forms of advertising that can be tailored to a specific audience.  Taxi livery advertising, where the external bodywork of a taxi is branded with an ad, is effective for broad general advertising campaigns.  It is estimated that a single liveried black cab in London will be seen 75 million times in one year alone.

Advertising within taxis offers an even more lucrative audience. Taxi passengers are typically highly affluent and advertising on seat backs and side panels provides a unique captive audience. A typical London cab will carry 12,000 passengers in one single year making this a very effective medium.

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