Washrooms are an innovative and powerful means of reaching a highly mobile, affluent audience.   Dwell times average approximately one minute, slightly more for females in cubicles, ensuring that any washroom advertisement has a captive audience.

In terms of impact and footfall, railway stations and motorway service stations are the premium washroom media. 97 per cent of people who stop at a motorway service station visit the washroom, and although this is lower for small railway stations, at the larger mainline stations visitor numbers are high.

The most typical type of washroom media is the A3 poster panel.  While smaller than many other poster types, the proximity of the audience to the poster allows each advertisement to carry a lot of copy and information.  Indeed, most washroom posters carry more copy than much larger 48 or 96 sheet posters.

Another key point is that motorway and mainline railway station washrooms are normally fully supervised.  This ensures that the environment in which the ad is displayed is clean and representable.

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