Digital has transformed marketing but it’s a rapidly evolving market place that needs careful guidance and insight.”

digital solutions

Howse Jackson Marketing offers a number of digital services which are designed to give clients ‘the extra edge’ in an extremely dynamic and competitive market.


Digital Publishing


We are able to convert catalogues, magazines and brochures into dynamic online digital editions.  These publications can include rich media in the form of video and audio as well as a wide range of features such as integrated e-commerce tools, email address capture, web links and a text-only viewer. (more)

App Creation


Howse Jackson Marketing offers a start-to-completion app service.  We can utilise existing App software or create something bespoke from scratch… (more)

Email Broadcast


We offer a comprehensive email marketing service to clients which includes creative services as well as list selection and email broadcasting. (more)


Cutting edge insert planning takes into account not just the usual insert channels, for example magazines, but also product dispatch parcels, account statements, catalogues, brochures, point of sale and also digital media such as online order & email confirmations. Combined, these channels provide a varied and effective means of targeting consumers at low cost.

Campaign Planning


The key to effective email planning is ensuring that solid HTML creative is underpinned by accurate and cost effective list sourcing. Get these two elements right and an email campaign has a high chance of success. Howse Jackson Marketing also focuses on ensuring that successful email campaigns have roll out potential to maximise ROI. (more)

Banner Advertising


Banner advertising, whether it is ‘run of site’ across entire ad networks or highly focused niche campaigns targeting just one or two websites, can produce exceptional ROI. The key task is to identify the right websites whilst also purchasing the banner ad space at rates needed to generate a return. It is this combination that exemplifies Howse Jackson Marketing’s approach.

Lead Generation


Lead generation is one of the fastest growing digital marketing channels allowing clients to generate leads on a cost-per-click, cost-per-action and cost-per-lead basis. We specialise in lead generation but with emphasis on high quality leads and ROI rather than large volume.



The ubiquitous nature of mobile phones allied to the upward trajectory of smartphone usage (27% of UK consumers now own a smartphone, Aug 2011), make mobile phone campaigns incredibly effective. The key with such a personal medium, however, is to ensure that the offer is highly targeted and relevant – for example, an in-store SMS campaign.

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