Howse Jackson Marketing offers a fully independent digital publishing service that is able to take a magazine or catalogue from initial concept to finished publication.

With many years’ digital publishing experience combined with comprehensive market knowledge, we have assisted a number of FTSE 100 companies, high street retailers, trade unions and education establishments with their digital publishing requirements.

This includes producing ground-breaking digital publications that offer a wide range of benefits and functionality, including embedded video and flash animations, integrated e-commerce tools, data capture and enabled hyperlinks to name a few. We also provide a native app service that allows companies to fully mobile-enable their publications across a wide range of tablets and smartphones.



For companies and publishers who don’t have the internal resources to manage their own digital publications, we offer a full bureau service that harnesses our extensive experience to produce visually stunning, interactive publications. We work with you to fully understand your publishing needs, give advice on the best platforms available, and subsequently create your digital publications for you.


We offer a completely independent consultancy service that is able to assist and guide you in selecting the optimum platform for your digital publishing needs. We can also advise on subscriptions, data capture, distribution and the promotion of your publication.

Summary of Benefits:

  • We are fully independent and not tied to any single solution.
  • Huge depth of experience and knowledge.
  • We can source the optimal publishing solution for your requirements.
  • A consultative and partnership approach.
  • An outstanding level of customer service.
  • Adherence to budget guidelines.
  • No need for any internal resource.
  • Fully finished publication or consultancy service depending on requirements.
  • In short, we can guide you through every step of the digital publishing process and help you create dynamic, interactive, cross-platform publications.

Prior to contacting us it might be worth considering the following:

  • Do you require multi-platform, web or app-based viewing?
  • Do you require animation/flash etc?
  • Will you need video content? If so, how many per publication?
  • Will you need an ecommerce function?
  • How many publications are you likely to produce per year?
  • Do you charge for your publications? Will you need paywall technology?
  • What level of reporting and statistics do you require?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your budget?



BRISTOL: 01454 322344