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Howse Jackson Marketing has decades’ worth of experience in planning insert campaigns with superb ROI. We do this by combining low media rates with finely targeted planning as well as employing value-added techniques which further uplift response.

Whilst we certainly use standard insert channels such as newspapers and magazines, we are renowned for thinking ‘outside the box’ by using inserts in product despatch parcels, account statements, catalogues, brochures, point of sale and digital media such as online order & email confirmations. This combination often generates a superior response.

We are also specialists at affinity marketing and we find that by cobranding insert campaigns with a relevant media partner, we are able to significantly enhance response rates. This is because affinity insert campaigns carry implicit endorsement from the media partner which gives consumers trust in the product offering.

Finally, we are able to provide guidance in how to further uplift insert response rates by using other marketing channels to back up the insert campaign e.g. an email broadcast can be sent to a customer base prior to an insert campaign being launched. We are able to plan, advise upon.


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Howse Jackson Marketing has in-depth experience of creating telemarketing campaigns for a variety of clients across many business sectors. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, low ticket or high value products, we are specialists in telemarketing campaigns for direct sales purposes.

Telemarketing can also be extremely useful for market research, another area we have strong expertise in. Telemarketing market research can be insightful for new product development, testing campaigns prior to roll out, as well as gauging customer feedback.

Our telemarketing services rely on a proven method of delivering success: an emphasis on in-depth training for each phone operator, well-worded scripts and a phone environment that motivates performance and encourages results. We also place great importance on best practice guidelines to ensure that campaigns run smoothly.

Our telemarketing campaign timescales are flexible and can be either temporary or permanent dependent upon the requirements.


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When planned and implemented correctly, direct mail remains an extremely potent marketing channel. Response rates continue to hold up well mainly because the move towards digital media means there is less clutter on consumers’ doormats – creative pieces of direct mail still stand out as powerfully as ever.

Howse Jackson Marketing has extensive experience of direct mail and we have implemented many hundreds of campaigns for clients from all sectors, both B2B and B2C.

Carefully planned and well-targeted direct mail remains the cornerstone of our success. Experience has taught us that identifying the best list and data for each campaign is as vital as the creative execution itself. For this reason we place enormous importance on direct mail campaign planning and finding the best lists.

We also place special emphasis on return-on-investment (ROI) meaning that we carefully balance each component of a direct mail campaign to ensure its cost-effectiveness – be it print, copywriting, mail and list costs.

We are able to advise on each element or we can implement a direct mail campaign from start to finish on your behalf.

We are also experts at affinity marketing and we are able to find direct mail brand partners who can enhance a campaign further by their involvement.


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A few commentators feel that email marketing has been overtaken by social media in effectiveness. Not us. We know at first-hand how email marketing can still produce excellent results when combined with good HTML creative and strong performing lists.

Indeed, at Howse Jackson Marketing we focus much of our energy on ensuring that all HTML creative is innovative and impactful as this plays a vital role in any successful email campaign. If email volumes are significant we will often test a number of different creative executions to ensure that only the best performing creative is rolled-out.

As data specialists we also have unique insight into all the various email lists available and we place great importance on only using those that perform well. This often involves testing small quantities against a ‘control group’ and measuring performance accordingly.

By getting the HTML creative and lists to work optimally, the chances of email campaigns delivering effective ROI are hugely improved.

We additionally try to ensure that there is ‘roll-out’ potential for our email campaigns and, whilst this is not always possible, if the opportunity does arise it allows marketers to generate even better ROI on their email campaigns.


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Brand partnerships occur when two organisations join forces for mutual benefit. Often it involves one brand leveraging another brand’s appeal to enhance its own marketing proposition.

Essentially affinity marketing in its purest form, and what makes brand partnerships so powerful is that they rely on the goodwill of the partner brand. This ‘subtle endorsement’ gives consumers greater confidence in the offer being promoted and response rates rise accordingly.

Additionally, because the customer has an affinity to the relevant organisation, churn rates are often much lower.

Another key point about affinity partnerships is that one brand often has access to another’s brand’s customer via multiple marketing channels that would never normally come to market. This could take the form of data for mailings, email, inserts and off the page advertorials. These channels are therefore ‘fresh’ and extremely responsive further uplifting return-on-investment (ROI).

Howse Jackson Marketing is one of the UK leaders in affinity marketing and brand partnerships. We are proficient in guiding brands through the whole partnership process, from sourcing suitable brand partners, planning affinity campaigns, as well as implementing them and evaluating the end results. We work with partners on an on-going basis, taking on much of the day to day management, thus ensuring internal resource requirements are reduced.


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Banner advertising, whether it is ‘run of site’ across entire ad networks or highly focused niche campaigns targeting just one or two websites, can produce exceptional ROI. The key task is to identify the right websites whilst also purchasing the banner ad space at rates needed to generate a return. It is this combination that exemplifies Howse Jackson Marketing’s approach.


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Radio has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity that now sees over 47 million UK adults tune in each week (RAJAR figures). It is also one of the very few media that is used both within and out of the home. Indeed, in terms of reach percentage, 76% listen within the home, 59% in the car and 29% in the office or elsewhere.

Coupled with the fact that the average listener tunes in to the radio for 22 hours each week, the case for radio could hardly be clearer.

For direct marketers, radio offers some unique opportunities aside from standard airtime ads. These include AV promotions whereby listeners are directed to a station’s website to participate in competitions (this information can then be data captured). Other opportunities include email marketing to a station’s database of listeners; CPC display advertising on a radio station’s website; airtime competitions & data capture; and mobile in-app CPC display advertising.

All of the above opportunities can be measured, evaluated and rolledout locally or nationally. Additionally, because most radio stations are commercial enterprises relying on brand marketing as their primary source of income, many are willing to work with direct marketers to create exclusive tailored packages.


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We work with clients to generate ancillary revenue streams from their marketing assets. Our focus is primarily inserts in product despatch parcels, but we can also help monetise online channels too.

If you are an established retailer you will already be sending out product despatch parcels, catalogues, newsletters and digital media such as order and email confirmations. By offering these channels to selected, approved brand partners, significant revenue can be generated for minimal effort on your part. Essentially, we do all the work, and we only get paid if a sale is made.

What is important to remember with this activity is that you are always in control of which partners access your media. You will have veto and give approval on each placement, so nothing will ever go out until your business have given the go ahead.

Third party media sales is as one client put it ‘money for old rope’ that can be put straight to the bottom line or used to fund other marketing activities.

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