Mum and Baby online – data

A new, fresh source of pregnancy and young family data. is a website that helps new mums and mums-to-be join the many baby clubs that exists in one step. By completing the simple registration procedure, members can join baby clubs including SMA, Aptimil, Boots, Tesco, Huggies and Mothercare.

This is a great opportunity to reach pregnant women at specific times during their pregnancy. 12-15,000 new pregnant names are collected each month. In terms of new Mums, date of birth is collected for both the mum and the baby, with c18,000 new records each month.

0-12m Volume  = 350,000

  • 99% Female
  • 25-40 years old
  • Average age 30
  • BC1C2’s
  • 45% first time mums
  • Postal, email and telephone records available
  • Selections include baby due date/DOB, parent DOB, pregnancy month.

For counts for further information please call Nick on 01454 322344 or email


For any additional information please give Nick a call on 01454 322344