Everything5Pounds.com Product Despatch

Everything5pounds.com are a fresh and dynamic website that offers high street fashion for just one fixed price. Everything on the website is priced at £5! Having established ourselves as global leaders for Staged budget clothing, E5P are constantly pushing boundaries to bring trend-led clothing for £5.

For the first time, E5P are allowing third party inserts to be carried in their product despatches, allowing advertisers to target a female audience who look for value, but also want style.

Volume: up to 120,000 per month

  • 100% online buyers
  • Age 18-45
  • B,C1,C2
  • Income £20k+
  • Credit card users
  • 95% female
  • Interests: Fashion, travel, eating out, socialising.

Inserts can weigh up to 10g, with heavier weights and samples possible.

For availability, costs and additional information call Nick Howse on 01454 322344 or email nick@hjmarketing.co.uk