Mum and baby online – website & welcome email advertising is a dedicated website for mums-to-be and new parents, providing a single point of registration for all the best baby clubs in the UK. A one stop shop, it enables members to join clubs such as Mothercare, Aptaclub, SMA, Hipp Organic, Boots, Pampers and Huggies.

Approximately 300,000 new registrations are made each year (25,000 per month) with 75% of these being pregnant at the time of registration.

Each new registrant receives a welcome email as well as a dedicated thank you page to confirm membership. Banner ads are available on both media.


• 99% Female
• 75% are prenatal
• Average age is 30
• BC1C2’s
• 25 – 40 yrs old
• 45% are first-time mums

For more information on our digital services, please contact Ian Jackson, Head of Digital, on 01525 376690 or email