revenue generation

Many UK firms generate incremental income by providing non competing businesses with access to their customer database, product dispatch and insert channels. These are valuable assets that can create good bottom line ancillary revenue. HJM have helped generate hundreds of thousands of pounds of revenue over the last 9 years for clients such as Mirror Group Newspapers, Virgin Wines, New Look and Burton.

How it works

HJ Marketing takes on responsibility for all aspects of sales and marketing. We receive a percentage of the revenue from any sales made, thus insulating your business from any upfront financial risk. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Key points: We do virtually all the work. You have veto on any sale – nothing with happen without your approval.

Why would I provide another business with access to my customers?

You will approve every order so you will be in full control at all times. There are thousands of data, email and insert opportunities available and most consumers will appear across multiple channels. If you are not generating income from a customer touchpoint, the chances are, someone else will be. Additionally, as most of the marketing messages are opening offers they are attractive and therefore can viewed as a positive association to your brand, thus adding value.

If you are interested in generating revenue from any of your customer communication channels, whether they be online, off line or even in-store, call Nick Howse on 01454 322344 or email


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