Our customers love that we keep in touch regularly and send them special offers and deals. It helps build a strong customer relationship.

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How our managed Text service can help your travel agency increase business

Text messaging is the ideal way to drive more business, as well as target new and existing customers with updates, news and special offers. The high open rate of SMS messages makes it an ideal way to communicate and generate new travel enquiries.

Increase travel enquiries

We can help you create unique messages and send them to your customers to increase bookings. We can also help source marketing data fitting your customer profile.

Travel discount


Send your latest brochure or information as an attachment.

We can attach your PDFs, word documents, small brochures, images etc to your text message at no extra cost.

Promote last minute offers

Text your customer base to make them aware of last minute holiday opportunities.

Encourage repeat bookings

Invite customers to text a special keyword (we can set this up for you) to a short code number so they can receive a unique mobile discount voucher giving them a discount off their next booking.

Promote other services

We can send one-time use mobile vouchers with unique codes offering discounts on other services like holiday insurance or car parking.

Increase your website traffic

Include short links in text messages to your website so recipients have all the information they need to book a holiday or short break.

Customer satisfaction surveys

We can send a mobile survey to your customers so that you can gain valuable feedback about their experience with you.

Reward loyalty

We can create mobile vouchers for you that can be scanned multiple times, enabling you to reward your most loyal customers.

Grow your opted-in customer database

If you feature a keyword and short code number in your office, website, brochures or social media, anyone who texts in will automatically be added to your contact database.

Don’t have a customer base that you can send texts to? We can help you build one.  Click here to find out more.

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