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Affinity Marketing Whitepaper

One powerful, cost-effective method of gaining access to fresh data and new marketing channels is through affinity marketing.
In its purest form affinity marketing occurs when two brands join forces for mutual commercial benefit. Often, but not exclusively…

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Store Card whitepaper

In late November 2011, Coalition consumer minister Ed Davey announced a range of measure to change the way store cards are offered and marketed to consumers…

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Inserts Whitepaper

Inserts: How to make them work for your business.

It is our belief that when planned properly, insert campaigns are able to out-perform direct mail, off-the-page advertising and many other marketing channels.

Our whitepaper is written to showcase this as well as serve as a guide to how to use inserts effectively, along with tips and useful case studies to help you generate customers for minimal effort and low cost. 

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8 Tips for Maximising Digital Catalogues

According to industry analysis firm Plimsoll, the catalogue and mail order sector operates to pre-tax margins of just 2%.
This makes it a high risk industry at the best of times with Plimsoll adding that of nearly 900 mail order companies it analysed, over 200 could be labelled as being ‘in danger’.

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The Benefits of Digital Publishing

Dilemma For Publishers

The #1 issue facing publishers, aside from the rapidly changing publishing landscape, is how to take profitable advantage of the new digital paradigm.

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Advancing Education through digital editions

Advancing Education through digital editions.
Education is changing dramatically with new hardware technology and e-tools transforming how educators teach and the way students learn.  

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Creating Publishing apps for iPhone & iPad

Digital editions for web, eReaders, tablets and smartphones.

The optimal publishing solution is to publish once and allow the material to be read anywhere, at any time.  Whilst this might prove idealistic it is achievable by creating a core publishing components which is then adapted for different devices.

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